Krzysztof Andrelczyk

What I did

Psychological research

at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. While working with ECFI research group for couple of years I've produced a lot of LISP code, a lot of numbers organized in neat columns and some good articles.

Hiked the GR-11 trail

All 840 kilometres from Cabo de Creus to Cabo Higuer. It took me 29 days.

Made a video game

using PhaserJS. I did everything by myself, including graphics and sounds of dubious quality. You can get it here


3 times from 1000m and 3 times from 1500m.


from the La Maroma mountain (2069m). I've been told that not many people did it so I consider it the best achievement of my (now finished) paragliding career.

Created a theme

for the EKG client. That's a really small contribution to the open source community but it's something. You can still find tohver.theme file in the EKG package.

Talked at Pingwinaria

Twice. It was cheaper to go to Pingwinaria as a speaker so while studying I've prepared first presentation. Couple years later I did another one, because it was a really fun conference.



And also...


Applied Computer Science at AGH in Cracow. I've finished by presenting my undergraduate thesis and getting a master's degrees.